Visualising Gender Fluidity Presentation Slides

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At Swancon 2016, Will Knox and I gave a presentation on a tool we built as part of the work we do together at Murdoch University, facilitating the Ally program to support students and staff of diverse sexualities and genders. Will and I developed a set of animated powerpoint slides to explain the dynamic, fluid experience of gender, sexuality and emotional relationships. We built this tool, not because we wanted to, but because we couldn’t find another pre-prepared tool that met our needs for the Ally program. We wanted something that actually moved, that wasn’t compartmentalised, and that de-emphasised the importance of assigned-at-birth-sex.

If you’d like to see the slides, they’re available to download: Visualising Gender Fluidity – 5 Slides. They have a Creative Commons licence on them and I’ve also provided abstract for the presentation Will and I gave:

The Murdoch University ALLY Program aims to educate students and staff on issues related to sexuality and gender identity. In 2014, the ALLY training materials were updated to incorporate, amongst other things, a more contemporary understanding of an evolving range of gender identities. We found existing visual models of gender were static, focussing on rigid categories, and didn’t capture the fluidity of the lived experience of identity. Through research into the current models used within the gender variant communities, we designed an animated model of gender performance and identity for use in the ALLY Program. Introduction of the new model into the ALLY professional development program has generated strongly positive feedback from program participants. Jack Bridges and Will Knox, co-facilitators of the ALLY program at Murdoch, will demonstrate the animated gender fluidity model, and talk about their development process.

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